Joyance Drone for agriculture, chemical fertilizer sensor, and fumigation

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Product Description
10L-606 agricultural wonder drone gyrocopter agriculture drone
Pesticide Tank
Net Weight
Take-off Weight
Flying Time
Flying Height
Flying Speed
Spray Speed
Spray Width/Nozzle No.
3-5m / 2  Centrifugal  Nozzles
Spray efficiency
3.5~5 hectares/hour

Machine Size
Spread size: W1.3m x L1.3m x H0.45m
Folded size: W0.6m x L0.6m x H0.5m
Main features

Ready to fly.

Before despatch, every machine is 100% tested to confirm the highest standards in performance.



10L-606 sprayer drone, the spray span can be 3-5m, the spraying efficiency is 3-5 hectares per hour. 

More effective

Every nozzle is under the propellers, so the chemical fog can be directly pressed to every levels of the crop by the strong air flow generated by propellers. 


Easy to operate. 

Original semi-automatic intellignet spraying method, even a beginner can operate the sprayer drone very easily and efficiently. 

Easy to transport. 

Umbrella design folding frame, convenient to fold and transport. 


Easy maintenance.

The main parts are easy to replace. Maintenance cost are very cheap. 

Work continuously. 

6 axles and 6 motors can easily bear the workload. There is centrifugal fan in each motor, which can keep the motors work at low temperature, so it can work continuouly. 


Autonomous flight. 

By Joyance APP on your phone. It is quite a simple work to spray this field and define the flying height, spraying width, flying speed and delay time, the APP will draw all the lines automatically.And you can save this as one project, so that you can use it again when you need to spray this field once more.


Fail safe; low voltage alarm; return automatically when lose signal to ensure the safe landing. 

Our Company

Shandong Joyance Intelligence Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise, we have a professional R&D team, we have spent four years in researching and developing agricultural sprayer drones. We concentrate on commercial grade unmanned aerial vehicles and UAV application solutions.

We have a registered capital of 60 million RMB, with a production capacity of 100 units of agriculture drones per month.

We choose high grade key parts, to ensure stable and reliable quality, we utilize advanced production technology to ensure every drone from Joyance is well crafted!

Our mission is to make the drones that farmers desire.

Detailed Images
Main frame

Material: Carbon fiber and aviation aluminum

Features: Light, strong and durable. 

Quick release + propellers

Brand: Joyance
Original: China
Quick release propeller, easy to disassemble. 

Propeller material: carbon fiber, light and strong. 


Electrostatic centrifugal nozzle

Better atomization, spray more evenly.
50-200 μm droplet
Spray degree: 170
Not easy to block.
Suitable for spraying in orchards, high-crop crops, etc.


Remote controller

Brand: Joyance Datalink 32

 remote controller, remote distance 1Km

FPV (Optional)

Include fixed camera, Image transmission,  7" screen, Tripod and Sunshade. 

With FPV, you can check the front and bottom of the drone to confirm there is no obstacles.


Dustproof and waterproof

Our dustproof remote controllers are with dust cover, they can keep off moisture and dust.Waterproof and sealed, keep away from water and pesticide.



Dosage Control Unit.By using it, you can adjust the spraying flow, and you can let the drone stop spraying when it changes lines to avoid repeated spraying and save pesticides.

Terrain Following Radar (Optional)

MMW Radar, can detect the distance between the ground and the drone so to avoid the drone hitting the crop or the ground when terrain is rugged.

Packing & Delivery

Packaging: Aluminum case

Delivery time: 7-10 days after receiving deposit. This time is for one unit, if you want more, please contact us for the actual delivery time. 

The Joyance Drone for agriculture, chemical fertilizer sensor, and fumigation is a sensational customer favorite, and we hope you like it just as much.

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