Mapping and Construction Planning

  • Remotely fly through your future construction site and map it out in real time with 3D models. 
  • Connect your own drone for a personalized session.
  • Or, sit back and get a detailed mapping of your project before you even have to be there in person.
Drone Mapping


Drone Battles and Events

drone fire fight

Register a drone or use a T960 fire breathing drone.

  •  We currently offer a $6,000 package for a T960 drone and a ticket to fight
  •  Up to 2 free hours of pre fight drone controls on your purchased drone
  • Build and bring your own drone to compete in the drone battles.
  •  Tickets for entry into the tournament are $500.
  •  Each event is filmed and contestants are placed in a tournament style bracket.
  • Based in the San Francisco Bay Area but we can host events in other states.
  • Disclaimer: Please provide a valid FAA drone flying license so we can stay legally compliant during our events.

Only the strongest drone will survive.



Drone Systems and Control Station

  • Set up a drone system for Agriculture: Fertilizing, watering routes, and metal detection.
  • Set up a UAV system with a control station for mapping land.
  • Connect a security drone.
  • Design a unique solution
drone control center
Get a consultation and develop a drone system that fits for your business needs. Use your new drone system to automate complex problems and complete tasks from your control station.

Contact us with a description of your project: