ZHE-10 10L Hybrid Electric Agriculture Drone

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ZHE-10 10L Hybrid Electric Agricultura Drone Intelligent auto operation Spraying liquid support particle spread expansion

Intelligent auto operation

Spraying liquid support particle spread expansion

Purchase Notes:
This product is a ready-to-fly agricultural drone (not including battery), friends who are interested in purchasing first confirm whether your country can import agricultural drones. The import tax of the drone is borne by the buyer.


ZHE-10 is a long-haul gasoline-electric hybrid agricultural drone, that can fly with fuel. It saves the trouble of charging and operates efficiently. 6.67h㎡ per hour
Cost saving, Spraying liquid support particle spread expansion
DJI control system(N3-AG 2.0 flight control + datalink 2.0 + agricultural kit 2.0)
Hobbywing X8 flight power system (32-inch propellers)
Spray range: 3-4.5 meters, 1L gasoline / 2h㎡, 0.67h㎡ / 6-10 minutes
The frame parameters:
Wheelbase of symmetrical motor: 1400mm
One arm length: 345mm
1471mm x 1471mm x 530mm (arm extended without propeller)
675mmx 650mmx 530mm (arm folding)
ZHE-10L airframe with landing gear x 1
10L water tank x 4
Extended anti-collision high-pressure atomizing nozzle x 4
water pipes and connectors
Control System:
DJI N3-AG Agricultural Flight Control 2.0
DJI agricultural combos 2.0 (AMUx1, brushless water pump x2, terrain following radar x1, datalink3 2.0 remote control x1, high-precision obstacle avoidance radar x1. Level gauge x1)
DJI Agricultural Management System APP
power system:
Hobbywing X8 flight power system combos x 2cw 2ccw
H2 Hybrid Electricity Generator x1
12S 20C 44.4V 5000mAh lipo-battery x2 (not included, need to be prepared by the buyer)
Radar terrain following system:
Height measurement range: 1-5m (there will be differences when working on different vegetation)
Fixed height range: 1.5-3.5m
Measurement accuracy: <10cm
Spraying system
Volume: 10L
Standard working load: 10kg
Battery installation size: 151mm x 195mm x 70mm
Model: XR11001VS (Flow: 0.38L / min)
Quantity: 4
Atomization particle size: XR11001VS: 130- 250um (related to the actual working environment, spray rate, etc.)
remote control
please note: because reasons of transportation security,the item don`t included lipo-battery
Model: Datalink3 2.0
Operating frequency: 2.400 GHz to 2.483 GHz
Signal effective distance (no interference, no blocking): 3km
Working environment temperature: -10 ° C to 40 ° C
High-precision radar obstacle avoidance module
Control range: -135 ° ~ 135 °
Stability system: single axis (pitch)
Radar system
Perceived range: 1.5 ~ 30m
Conditions of use: relative height greater than 0.8m
Effective obstacle avoidance speed range:
When the aircraft is flying below 2m, the speed is less than 5m/s
When the aircraft is flying above 2m, the speed is less than 7m/s
Stable hovering range: about 6m from the obstacle in front
Obstacle avoidance direction: achieve front and rear obstacle avoidance according to the direction of flight speed
Flight parameters:
Machine weight (without oil): 13.2kg
Standard take-off weight: 23.8kg
Max effective take-off weight: 24.8kg (near sea level)
Max Push-to-Weight Ratio: 1.71 @ Takeoff Weight 23.8kg
Power: Hybrid electric
Hovering power consumption: 2450W (@takeoff weight 23.8kg)
Hovering time * Measured at sea level and wind speed less than 3m/s:
45min (1L fuel volume & takeoff weight 13.8kg)
35min (1L fuel volume & takeoff weight 23kg)
Maximum operating flight speed: 8m/s
Maximum flight speed: 12m/s (P mode and F mode, with GPS), 15m/s (A mode)
Takeoff altitude: 2000m
Recommended operating ambient temperature: 0 ° C to 40 ° C
The ZHE-10 10L Hybrid Electric Agriculture Drone destined to impress, and priced at only $15,699.99, for a limited time.

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