Tournament Registration

drone Fire

Battle Drones in a private arena to become the worlds greatest drone fighter.


  • Bring your own drone to compete with.
  •  For the people that don't have a drone we currently offer a $6,000 package that includes a T960 drone and a ticket to fight another pilot using your new drone.
  • We also offer a $1,742 package for a fighter aircraft and a ticket to compete in the event.
  • Tickets are $1,000 to enter the tournament.
  • We have 8 more spots available for this tournament out of 10 total fighters.

Location (vote on one):

  • Private Arena in California (Choose NorCal or SoCal)
  • Desert Arena in Nevada or Arizona


  • Each event will be filmed
  • You can bring your own film crew


Only the strongest drone will survive.

Disclaimer: Must have a valid FAA drone flying license.

Contact for more information.